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Bespoke Furniture

Taking time and giving attention to your comments enables us to capture the essence of your ideas about furniture which you would love to find in your home. All elements are always finished (exactly the way you wish us) to achieve the optimum level of beauty, practicality and comfort.

Fitted wardrobes in a range of internal combinations made to suit your requirements in a variety of finishes and styles are also manufactured by Wood Production Ltd. Usually from panelled construction with veneered or spray painted finish with either swing or sliding doors. These can be fully glazed, panelled or plain, finished in a hardwood or colour of your choice. Complete dressing rooms can be fitted out to your exact requirement incorporating, shoe racks, pull down hangers, shelving, drawers and hanging rails configured to meet the needs of your family.


Wardrobes – Much More Than a Simple Cabinet

When most people think of a wardrobe, they envision a big wooden cabinet with little design appeal.  They are often a big lumbering thing which also stands out in the room.  But if done correctly, a wardrobe can be an integral part of a bedroom or dressing area.  They can certainly help to enhance the look, feel and function of those areas as well.  So let’s discuss this type of furniture and explore how they can really enhance one or more rooms in your home.


Wardrobes come in different styles.  They are also generally constructed from wood but the kind of wood can vary widely as well.  For example if you are looking to achieve a great look but at a modest price, then veneered MDF wardrobes can be a great choice.


MDF is a composite material which is less costly as compared to solid wood.  Yet if a beautiful wooden veneer is properly applied to a well designed cabinet, the results can be very impressive indeed.


There is a company called Wood Production ltd which is based outside of London in the UK.  They are specialists in all kinds of wooden products including wardrobes.  Check out their website at www.woodproduction.co.uk and you’ll see what we mean.  The variety and style of wardrobes which this company can produce is truly impressive.


So if you’d like to get into a type of wardrobe which features solid wood construction, there are many choices.  A popular material is either oak or walnut.  By carefully constructing the wardrobe and making good choice of stains and finishes, the natural beauty and texture of the wood can be featured.


A wardrobe can be easily customized with a unique door.  It can be a mirror door which also serves as a useful full length mirror while dressing.  This is a very popular option for use on wardrobes.  Or a stained glass design can be integrated into the doors.


And don’t forget that unique and customized hinges can really add to the look and appeal of any wardrobe.  But back to the stodgy image of a wardrobe.  When you work with a company like Wood Production, you can forget about this problem.

They are experts at integrating one or more wardrobe units into a bedroom or dressing room for spectacular results.  As indicated earlier, the use of a mirror door provides a great way to view yourself as you dress. 


In any case the company will be glad to work with you and analyze your room to determine terrific options for consideration.  They can develop a totally customized unit or find cost effective ways to use more standardized units and then add inserts and other features to give it a built in and unique look.


If you visit the company website which is located at www.woodproduction.co.uk, you’ll be able to view the section on wardrobes.  Be sure to check out the gallery for many fine examples of what can be achieved.  And a wonderful section is the wardrobes advice area.


This section reviews the primary types of wardrobes such as the made to measure kinds or MDF styles mentioned earlier.  The included pictures really help to show how a desired look can be achieved.  And an interesting addition to this section shows how mouldings can really dress up the area you use the wardrobe and make it an integral part of the room.


You’ll find that this company truly has the capabilities and expertise to create a wardrobe masterpiece.  It needn’t be that stodgy and heavy piece of furniture any more.  Consult with Wood Productions ltd and learn how they can help you to enhance the look, feel and function of your bedroom or dressing area.


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Bespoke Furniture – What Can Be Done

Bespoke furniture offers the broadest array of options but it also entails many challenges since the choices can be almost too overwhelming at times.  However a talented designer and master craftsman have the ability to work out these details and provide the customer with the best options for consideration.  Let’s consider this further.


But first let’s make sure to clarify what is meant by bespoke furniture.  This is any type of furniture which is custom made.  It can be made in specific sizes and incorporate desired features.  The types of material used can also be specified by the customer.


Bespoke furniture can include everything from tables and chairs, doors, wardrobes and cabinets.  As indicated earlier, bespoke furniture offers the consumer a tremendous variety of choices.  But to use this flexibility to its greatest advantage, consider working with a very experienced and talented designer and manufacturer of bespoke furniture.


Wood Production ltd is located in South London and has been in business since 2006.  They have a state of the art 10,000 square foot facility which includes design capabilities and an on site production area.  Their experienced and talented craftsmen use the latest woodworking equipment to achieve exceptional results for their clients.


This company is very well equipped to maximize the benefits to be gained from bespoke furniture.  They will meet with you to discuss your needs and objectives.  And they will normally visit your home or office to take detailed measurements of the space and help to determine different options for consideration.


Based on the space available and the types of furniture desired, they will create an action plan and present one or more options for consideration.  This company is very good at showing their clients what is possible and how it can be expected to look.


They have worked on projects using bespoke furniture which has ranged in size from apartments right up through mansions.  But each one was meticulously planned and executed to the complete satisfaction of the client.


They have the creativity and design expertise to develop exceptional concepts.  And they maintain the highest caliber of production personnel and equipment to turn these concepts into one of kind wooden masterpieces.


You are encouraged to visit their website which is located at www.woodproduction.co.uk and view many of the products they have created for other clients.  It will certainly give you a better sense of what is possible.


For example be sure to check out their extensive gallery for pictures of many different examples of bespoke furniture.  You can see some exceptional applications for use in dressing areas which consist of wardrobes and many kinds of custom cabinets.  They were designed for the space available and were able to integrate the specific needs and desires of the clients in terms of features and functionality.


Other examples have included one of kind solid wooden doors.  They can greatly enhance the look and function of the door with glass inserts or unique hardware accessories.


One area which they do exceptionally well is the design, construction and installation of unique, innovative and totally gorgeous stairways.  The manner is which a bespoke stairway can add to the feel and function of a home or office environment cannot be overstated.


The same holds true in bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.  The use of gorgeous wooden components and accessories expertly designed and constructed for the space intended is impressive indeed.


The company states that it is beyond their comprehension admit that anything is impossible.  They want to play a key role in achieving the kinds of results in your home you can otherwise only dream of.